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Peterborough junk removal simplified.

We’re changing the way you get rid of your junk, Peterborough. We remove junk as fast  and efficiently as it gets. Our honest, up-front pricing and professional service is pretty neat too.

We offer the best prices in town (find better and we’ll beat it!) with no hidden fees or surcharges. Get a quote instantly today!

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Why Choose Dump Truckers?

Apart from being two middle age men from Peterborough who love the sounds & smells at the dump, we’re probably quite similar to you.

We want friendly, professional service and the best prices – without having to think too much.

No Hidden Fees

No surprises or hidden surcharges from us, ever.

Instant Quotes

We make it easy to get a quote and deliver fast.

Same Day Service

If divorce is on the table we can get there right away!

Green Junk Removal

We reduce waste by recycling and donating your stuff.

peterborough junk removal

How Does It Work? Here's Our Process

Before starting Dump Truckers, we read hundreds of customer reviews for junk removal businesses near and far.

We found most of the bad reviews were left for the same reasons… Either the customer was charged more than their initial estimate or they were frustrated by an inefficient and/or complicated process.

This helped us formulate two cornerstones behind our perfect junk removal pick up process:
Estimates With Guaranteed Prices

Our volume based pricing allows for quick estimates with a guarantee - our quote is exactly what you'll pay.

Cornerstone One
We Keep It Simple

We have a quick & easy pick up process with pricing you can understand.

Cornerstone Two